Saturday, November 07, 2009

Open Sesame (Street) Part Four

"Share with me your favorite moment or memory from anything Sesame Street related"
Sesame Street had an impact on my life, but even more so on my brother and mother. For much of our childhoods my mother was a stay-at-home mom. During the day she was very attentive and we didn't watch a lot of TV, but every day when Sesame Street came on, we would watch that while my mom got a little peace, took a shower, poured herself a cup of coffee, whatever, content that we were safely enthralled watching the greatest neighborhood in the world.
While I loved Super Grover and the Count, my brother was more fond of Big Bird and Ernie. One day, when my brother, Cameron, was a toddler, I was off at school and my mother dropped Cam in front of Big Bird and went off to take a shower. As she shut the water off, from in the living room she heard my brother screaming as though being torn apart by a pack of wild Honkers and Dingers. Grabbing a towel, she vaunted out of the shower, slamming her big toe on the edge of the tub, breaking it. In agony, she stumbled out into the living room, where my brother stood, pointing at the TV crying "Big Bird all done. Sesame Street is over!"

Truly a testament to the power those Muppets have over our lives.
- Josh Tanner

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