Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! Here's to a Great 2009...

Jon here...

Very quick 2008 Recap… We promised a short every other week and we delivered! We made some great little flicks and even got more Steve the Vampire shorts in the bag, Betty and Me still makes me laugh, we’ve been shooting Josh and Todd… And the crew got even mightier…
And even more important than anything else four babies were born, and born to awesome parents and healthy. Tricky Pete and Elmwood Alumni Dave the Beautiful Man both had kids in the early part of the year (OK, Mrs. Tricky and Bella the Beautiful Wife actually had the kids). So Welcome to Earth Hailey, Emily, and Hanna Lucco, and Tiago Pereira!
And let's not forget that
THIS really happened, hahahahaha...

What to look forward to in 2009… Well, of course Josh and Todd, and more Steve the Vampire and a whole bunch of madness from all our crew! you'll be seeing puppets doing even more crazy stuff, and some grown adults doing even crazier stuff!

It’s been a great couple of years…
This isn’t a short, but a photo gallery of the goons who are (or have been) Elmwood Productions since 2002. These are not necessarily the most flattering pictures of us, I just wanted to pat the crew on the back and say thanks for all the hard work…
Wow. 2002… Six years.
Six years ago I moved back to Connecticut from an 18 month vacation in Florida. Six years ago I got Russ, Jim, and Tricky to give this a shot with me.
Six years ago I had hair.
Six years ago…
A lot has happened for so many of the crew of Elmwood, and for that matter this whole crazy world we all live in every day. I can only speak (or type) for myself…
I love you cats.
All of you. And damn, thank you so much. You are making my dreams come true. Let's raise a toast to 2008 and a second bigger one to 2009!
Enjoy! -JB

And if you don’t see a pic of you… Sorry! I tried to get at least one picture of everyone but I’m sure there are a few I forgot or just didn’t have a picture of at the time I made this…



Friday, December 19, 2008

This Weeks Short

Happy Holidays from Elmwood Productions!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Friday, December 05, 2008

This Weeks Short

With 2009 coming up quick, Mr. Universe and Don attempt to come up with a new slogan for Elmwood Productions...


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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Russ!

Yup, today is the day Russ arrived on Earth...

And we haven't figured out how to send him back to where he came from!

Happy Birthday Mr. Sexypants!

Russ: A Man With Big Equipment