Friday, January 14, 2011

The Elmwood People - Rachel Ryan

Today we start a new feature on the Elmwood Productions Blog...
The Elmwood People
Once a month we're going to showcase one of the talented people who keep The Elmwood Puppets alive, and other people involved in keeping Elmwood going!

Up first...

Rachel is a native of Arizona who moved to Connecticut to be with her fiance
Chris. She is a classically trained dancer with a BFA in Dance Education
from Arizona State and
just started getting involved with Elmwood Productions in 2010.
So far she has helped puppeteer and voice Ophelia,
the female vampire who is Steve's love interest,
as well as helped to puppeteer a couple different puppets for the movie
"Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man And His Puppet"
Rachel herself was featured in a short skit with Steve the Vampire for
Halloween where she was able to show off her acting talents, as few and far
between as they may be (
That line was was her idea... We think she's great!)
Overall she's just happy to be involved creatively
in such an amazing group of talented people, and puppets.

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