Friday, November 21, 2008

This Weeks Short: Fire In The Hole!

Jon Here-
Back in 2006 Tricky came up to me and said “I have an idea… I wanna attach a puppet to a model rocket” or something like that, followed by: “Can we make a short film about that?” I said “Sure, but you have to write and direct it.” And he did. And what is posted here now is not that flick. It didn’t turn out quite like we planned… But what we’re putting here is a making of Russ and I put together with the footage and footage from a little handheld camera I carried around all day while we shot. This was never originally intended to be seen in public, but what the heck, why not. I did shorten it up a bit (don’t worry nothing good is missing!) None of the scenes with the puppets ended up on this making of, but I hope you enjoy this piece of silliness anyway… Blame Russ for the spelling mistakes and me for not knowing how to read when I proof read it all…

But we did get a ton of fun footage and we almost killed Tricky Pete!
So here it is...

"We Lost The Rocket?"
A Short Conversation on Making Rocket Time by Jon Bristol and Pete Lucco.

Jon: '"Man, we went out there with a half baked script, an awesome idea, two fantastic puppets, a model rocket, and a shitload of gumption. Labor Day was never so much fun before. Unfortunately the footage we got in-between the shots was better than the shots for the film. We tried, but sometimes the bread just doesn't rise. Maybe we'll try again someday."

Pete: "The day started out great, we shot the first scene with ease. Our confidence was high and we moved on to our next location, outside on a public street. We had to shoot a couple different times to get the best angle but things went well. Full of confidence we headed to the local park to shoot our final shots. Since this was "my" short film I did all the research for it (none), I just wanted to launch a model rocket off with a puppet attached to it. Needless to say I should have tested this idea before filming it. To sum it up I almost died!"

Jon: "That made the whole day worth it. I wish I was more sober for it."

Pete: "I wish I was as drunk as you had been the night before, kill some of the pain and embarrassment."

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