Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Jon Here....

For two years in a row Elmwood Productions was invited to screen films at Jestercon.
Jestercon is a yearly meeting, game day, and awards night for a troupe of role players (the gaming kind, not the kinky kind... OK, maybe some of both) who play the game Dark Ages: Vampire.

A few members of the Elmwood crew are regulars at this game and got me a hook up so we could show our flicks. So we were invited in 2006 to show the first Steve The Vampire flick, and we were invited back a year later to show that and the next three also, and some of the Jesters were even in one of the flicks, thanks for the help!

This year was slow in the land of Steve the Vampire and the work we've done doesn't really fit into the mold of there celebration, but since they have been nice to us and let us pimp out our films for two years I wanna say thanks...


Also last year Steve and his mom made an appearance and got to harass the gamers. We had a blast being there, and maybe next time around in 2009 we'll be back to bite their heads off with even more Steve stuff!!! I must say I had a blast both years. The first time I was suffering from some strange illness that stole my voice, so I let Jim do the speaking, and the second time we got Steve in on the action of presenting awards. Really great time, really great people! I've gotten to know a few of them over the past couple years, and I can say I always have a blast with them!

Here are some pictures for the 2007 event!

Although we won't be there this year the event is this coming weekend and I hope fun is had by all!!!

And for the record: Yes, I did steal these pics from the Jesters site!
with love-

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