Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jon here...

So spring has come and gone, we've got four Steve's under our belt, and we've got some BIG plans to the fall. Keep checking back at because we're doing another overhaul of the site and will be adding much more video and many many more pictures for your eye sockets to bug out about! And don't forget (shameless plug coming) for your Johnnie and Plink goodies! 'Get em while you can cuz we'll be changing all the mech there too to all new designs! Boo-ya! Yeah. I actually typed "Boo-ya!", If you don't like it, bite me.
On a side note, I happy to prematurely announce we're working (slowly) on our first non-puppet project, called "Debacle". It's a funny little film about two morons who have to dispose of a dead body... Think Pulp Fiction mixed with Weekend At Bernie's... Admit it, you want to know more... Well too bad, cuz I ain't telling you shit! Yet...
Anyway... drop us a line and we still have a few DVD's left of "Secrets and Other Things" if anyone wants one... drop me an email at with your address and I'll get one out to ya. Use the phrase "I want you bootleg" in the subject, otherwise I'll delete it as spam!

Take care of yourselves -
Jon Bristol

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